Too Tired to Clean Up?


Too Tired to CleanDo you look around and see clutter?  Are there dishes in the sink?  Clothes to hang up?  Are you just exhausted?

Here are a few ways to create a little more order for yourself.  Remember, order is a treat for you and the others around you.  Creating even a tiny bit more order can let you relax, even a fraction more than before.

But, okay, you’re exhausted and all you want to do is lie down and rest.

Option #1  — Go rest!!  But make it a deep rest, not a fragmented still watching TV or flipping through a magazine.  Really rest.  Focus on a good feeling, a good memory if you can.  Or just be with yourself with kindness.

Option #2 – Do one minute of decluttering.  Don’t create a pile with your one minute, find a pile that has been bugging you and take one minute – set the timer – and put one or two, or possibly three – items away.  You can stop after a minute, or, go for another minute.  If you pick up a little momentum, keep going for a few more minutes.  Now, appreciate yourself for taking the time to do this.  Now, go rest.

Option #3  — Perhaps your fatigue is a nervous fatigue that might dissipate with a little action.  Try putting on some music and letting yourself have fun with the dishes.  Admire your handiwork.

Option#4  — Have you been longing to meditate?  Do you wish for a clearer space?  Start with a minute to five minutes of sitting with yourself.  And then, slowly, attentively, move to the mess that you want to address.  Bring your calm awareness and patiently work through the mess for five minutes.  Then, you can go back and sit in meditation.  Repeat.


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