A Network for Grateful Living ANGeL: ANGeL provides online resources for experiencing gratitude and an active international community for sharing and discussing such experiences.

Carl Honoré is the author of In Praise of Slow, which catalyzed the slow movement.
His website offers online video, audio, courses, and more for embracing slowness.

The Center for a New American Dream seeks to improve human well-being by shifting the ways we consume.

The Family Dinner Project is an excellent source of recipes, conversation ideas, and inspiration for family dinners.

The Greater Good provides scientific, evidence-based solutions for improving individual and collective happiness and compassion.

The New Road Map Foundation is an outstanding site for helping to get your finances in line with your values.

Reboot the sponsor of National Day of Unplugging. Get a free cell phone sleeping bag.

Resurgence Slow Sunday is a secular effort to reclaim Sunday as a day of rest, reflection, and connection with family and neighbors through community events.

Sabbath Manifesto: Principles and discussion for slowing down and unplugging on your day of rest. There is a great little video called “How do you unplug?’ under the tab “National Day of Unplugging.”

Share Save Spend offers tools, resources, and an online virtual video library (Money Sanity U) all designed to prepare people for a lifetime of financial opportunities and responsibilities.

The Slow Movement website provides extensive examples and resources for slowing down and connecting to food, place, and—most importantly—life.

Take Back Your Time aims to eliminate the epidemic of overworking and improve quality of life for working people.


30/30: This app helps you plan your day.

Friday: This app turns off your phone on Friday nights.

Unplugged: This app helps you put down your phone.


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