Celebrate: Pause and Receive the Blessing


I got so much done yesterday. It was one of those fast, non-stop days. I paused for nothing.  I got my son, Jonathan, to camp, I packed for Israel, I worked on my book outline, I went to several meetings.  It seemed like a great day at the time.

And yet, when I finally stopped, after making dinner and reading to Jonathan, I felt totally fried, empty and overwrought.  I know I was productive.  But what exactly did I do?  Yesterday was a blur.

For all the action that I took, yesterday was not satisfying and I decided to do today differently.  I did the dishes and took notice.  It’s a tiny thing but I appreciated the empty sink and the clean counters.  I got a tough letter out to a client.  I took a split second pause to feel the satisfaction.  That wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I packed ten boxes for our move to Israel.  That was huge.

And, maybe the hardest of all, I sorted through some boxes that I inherited from my Dad.  I looked at baby pictures of my mom, who passed away years ago.  I read the congratulations cards on her birth. I let go of precious memorabilia.  This day felt much more rewarding.

This is what I learned.

1.   Celebrate when you have accomplished something, large or small.  You’ve turned in a big report.  You made the bed before you left for work.  You just ran a good meeting.  Or just celebrate that you go the meeting to end on time.  You’ve gotten all the dishes into the dishwasher.

2.  And appreciate that you followed up on your intentions.  Celebrate that you got off the computer when you promised you would.  For some of us, that isn’t easy.  Celebrate that you spoke up about something that you might have been silence about.  Or, you didn’t make the snarky comment even though you really wanted to

3.  Don’t wait for the big celebrations, the dinner out, the big vacations.  Celebrate today, the large and the small.  We have a way of depriving ourselves of a sense of accomplishment.  Take in the good.  It will nourish your soul.

I feel so much better tonight.  I had another full, full good day.  But, I gave myself something I needed all day long.  I noticed what I was doing and I gave myself credit.


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