Do something difficult right this minute.  Take five minutes, or ten minutes.  Take that hard thing which is weighing on you a little bit.  Focus on it.  This will bring up some fear, worry, or a feeling of incompetence.  That is why you have been avoiding this thing. If not right now, do it before…(Read More)

Here in Jerusalem most of the people I meet are doing some kind of decluttering, sorting of belongings, tossing things, and giving things away.  We are getting ready for Passover, confronting our needs to save material possessions “just in case.”  I spoke to a friend yesterday who wanted to save an interesting shaped bottle just…(Read More)

What if, instead of tidying up, we viewed decluttering as creating our environment, as setting the stage for our life story?  What if we understood organizing as creating a place for our lives to unfold in?  What if we knew deeply that the environment we create at home or work shapes our feelings and our…(Read More)

This morning, before I sat down to work, I did the dishes, wiped down the counters, and put loose items away.  Slowly my kitchen quieted down.  The space looked open, clean and cleared off. Kitchens that look like this used to puzzle me.  I would go into someone’s home and notice that clean and…(Read More)

A strong and clear intention does not mean that things will be easy. We are living in Jerusalem for the year in a small apartment in a centrally located neighborhood.  With strong clear intention I was able to overcome lots of setbacks and pack up our house and our suitcases for the year in Israel…(Read More)

I got so much done yesterday. It was one of those fast, non-stop days. I paused for nothing.  I got my son, Jonathan, to camp, I packed for Israel, I worked on my book outline, I went to several meetings.  It seemed like a great day at the time. And yet, when I finally…(Read More)

I was up late last night, watching dramatic fireworks in Newton, Massachusetts.  The night was hot and the fireworks spectacular.  What a show!  With fireworks and gatherings we celebrate our freedoms and the overthrow of the British dictator, King George the Third.  He was not viewed as a dictator by the British, but by the…(Read More)

Temper, Temper


Each of us has something that triggers frustration and sometimes anger. Our anger can lead us to misdirect energy down an emotional sinkhole. This is not a post about emotional suppression, though; it’s more about becoming more aware of how we use our energy. My challenge right now is my son Jonathan. But think…(Read More)

I just got off a call with a close colleague and a good friend.  We hadn’t spoken for a while, and, although I was glad to hear her voice and always interested in what she has to say, I could feel the pull towards today’s work.  “I want to get going!!”  clamored a…(Read More)

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